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Aladdin Cake Cookies

Aladdin cookies smm

Aladdin Cake Cookies Oh my goodness how fun are these super easy Aladdin cake cookies! With the new Aladdin Movie coming out this spring these would be such a fun treat idea for a movie premier, Aladdin party or just…
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Why your kids should help with spring cleaning

spring cleaning sm

Why your kids should help with spring cleaning Spring cleaning time is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean you should be doing all the work yourself! Many hands make light work and those hands include your kids! This is true…
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Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

koolaid easter eggs smm

Kool-Aid Easter Eggs What kid does not love to dye Easter eggs? My kids favorite thing to do at Easter time is dye eggs and coming up with fun new ways that are easy makes it even better. Here is…
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Uses for Eucalyptus

Uses for Eucalyptus smm

Uses for Eucalyptus Many people keep eucalyptus on hand to help with many issues. There are actually a couple of forms of eucalyptus that many people find themselves using. This amazing plant can come in the form of leaves, oil,…
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