Jingle Bell Wreath Christmas Ornament


Jingle Bell Wreath Christmas Ornament   These sweet little wreath ornaments are so fun, they would be a great craft idea for kiddos to make and would also make for a wonderful Christmas gift Materials:   Chenille stems Small jingle…
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Silly Snowman Seashell Ornaments


Silly Snowman Seashell Ornaments Materials: Seashells String Black find tip marker Wiggle eyes (optional) Glue Small pom poms¬† Chenille stems Scissors Thin wire (optional- could use brown chenille stems) craft paper or felt Directions: Cut your chenille stem down to…
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Ornament Cupcakes


Ornament Cupcakes Ingredients 12 cupcakes 1 to 2 cups vanilla frosting Clear sprinkling sugar 12 wrapped Rolo candies (1 for each cupcake) Red and green coated chocolate candies (about 13 for each cupcake) Large open star tip (Wilton 1M Open…
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Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Snowflake ornaments sq smm

Snowflake Christmas Ornaments Materials: Wood snowflake ornaments (misc. sizes) Mason jar lids (misc. sizes) Orange and blue felt Glitter blast spray paint White spray paint Black sharpie White paint pen Wiggle eyes Green marabou feathers misc. embellishments Bows Red buttons…
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