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Moana Easter Basket

Moana Easter basket smmm

Moana Easter Basket Materials: Woven basket Floral head piece HERE Moana Necklace HERE Large artificial leaves and flowers Craft wire Hot glue and glue gun Basket filler Moana Items  Easter items Directions: Attach Moana necklace to the front of the…
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Owl Easter Basket

owl Easter basket smm

Owl Easter Basket Materials: Easter Basket (desired color) Craft felt (desired colors for eyes and wings) (Orange and Yellow for beak and feet) Craft Feathers (desired colors) Large wiggle eyes Glue Scissors Large flower Misc. Embellishments Basket filler Easter basket…
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Mermaid Easter Basket

mermaid easter basket amm

Mermaid Easter Basket Materials: Blue Easter Basket (I found mine at a local walmart) Blue glitter tulle Ribbon Cardboard Blue mermaid fabrics Shells and starfish Glue (I used hot glue and glue gun) Scissors Basket filler Mermaid Items Flip Flops Easter…
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Amazing Easter Basket Ideas

Amazing Easter Basket ideas sm

Amazing Easter Basket Ideas Why settle for the boring old Easter baskets when you can create your own fun ideas and baskets. There are so many fun ideas out there to inspire you to make your own creation that your…
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