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Halloween House 2019


Halloween House 2019 We started super early this year with our Halloween decorations- as in started in July lol, so we thought we would share a sneak peak into how the inside is coming along- we hope you like it…
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Halloween Pallets

Halloween pallets smm

Halloween Pallets Materials: different shaped pallets (I found some small ones from my local craft stores Spray paint (black, white, orange, green and purple) Large wiggle eyes Wood craft shapes (I found a package of misc. shapes for the noses)…
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Halloween Haunted Express Crate Train

Halloween Crate Train sm

Halloween Haunted Express Crate Train MATERIALS: Wood Crates (I used 5 to make mine- appx 18″x12″) Out Door Rated Spray Paint (Black) Hot Glue and Glue Gun Small Hand Saw  Screws and drill Misc. embellishments Small wood discs for the…
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