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Halloween Scrap Paper Craft


Halloween Scrap Paper Craft Materials: Craft paper in several colors (We used Orange, Green, Black, Blue, Purple, White and Red) Scissors Black and red marker Glue (we used a glue stick for the papers and hot glue for the eyes)…
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Halloween Line Art Paper Craft for Kids


Halloween Line Art Paper Craft for Kids Materials: Construction Paper Fine Tip Black Marker Scissors Glue Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils Directions: Download and print desired Halloween template Draw lines in each of the separate lined areas, Pay close attention…
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Halloween Craft Sticks


Halloween Craft Sticks Materials: Jumbo Craft sticks Regular sized craft sticks Construction paper or craft paper Scissors  Glue Ribbon Craft paint and brushes Wiggle eyes (assorted sizes) Buttons Raffia (optional, use craft paper or string as an alternative)  Marker Directions:…
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Halloween Craft Stick Photo Frames

halloween craft stick photo frames sm

Halloween Craft Stick Photo Frames Halloween Craft Stick Photo Frames- These are so fun and make for a quick and simple Halloween craft and Halloween keepsake for kids of all ages to make.  Materials: Jumbo craft sticks  Regular size craft…
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Zombie and Skeleton handprints

halloween handprints smm

Zombie and Skeleton Handprints These Zombie and Skeleton handprints are so easy and such a fun Halloween craft idea for kids of all ages, my little guy (age 5) just loved making them and had no problem doing it all…
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Craft Stick Witch

craft stick witch smm

Craft Stick Witch Materials: Craft sticks (popsicle sticks) Jumbo and regular  Constuction paper or Cardstock (purple, black, green and brown) Scissors Carft glue Black Marker Wiggle eyes Directions: Glue 3 each jumbo craft sticks together at each end forming a…
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Tombstone Dancing Ghost


Tombstone Dancing Ghost  Materials Construction paper or card-stock Popsicle stick glue wiggle eyes Free template HERE Sharpie Directions Cut out of card stock or construction paper your tomb stone, ghost, grass and if desired pumpkin (using free template) Decorate your…
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