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Backyard/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet


Backyard/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet  Are you having troubles finding things to keep your kiddos busy? Well this fun Backyard/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet will get them outdoors and keep them busy for a decent amount of time.  You can…
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Paper Plate Farm Animals


Paper Plate Farm Animals Materials: Paper plates Craft Paint and brushes Craft glue Chenille stems (pink) Scissors Wiggle eyes Marker (black) Pom poms or cotton balls (white) Directions: Paint your farm animal plates (Pink for pig, Brown for horse, and…
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Ocean Friends Craft Sticks


Ocean Friends Craft Sticks Materials: Craft sticks (we used jumbo craft sticks) Craft paint and brushes Craft paper Wiggle eyes Chenille stems Gems Hole punch Glue Scissors marker Directions: Glue your craft sticks together accordingly – see images Have the…
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Grinch Pretzels


Grinch Pretzels What’s Needed 20-25 Pretzel Rods 1-8oz bag Bright Green Wilton’s Chocolate Melts Green Candy Shred Edible Confetti Hearts Directions Melt chocolate discs according to package directions. I placed the melted chocolate into a mason jar, so it was…
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Nutella Popcorn


Nutella Popcorn Ingredients: 6 cups popcorn 1/2 cup corn syrup 1/2 cup white sugar 1/2 cup Nutella   Directions: Pop your popcorn as desired. Air-popped is best, but butter-free microwave popcorn works. Spray a cookie sheet with cooking oil and…
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Signs that Your Child Might Have ADHD

adhd smm

Signs that Your Child Might Have ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD, is a mental disorder that can be fairly simple to self-diagnose if you’re looking for the right things. ADHD is best diagnosed and handled by…
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