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Clay Pot Frog


Clay Pot Frog A simple mini clay pot from the Dollar Store along with paint, wiggle eyes, and foam balls transform into a friendly frog just in time for the summer garden season. Materials: Clay Pots – 2.5” in diameter,…
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Valentines Day Love Bug Clay Pots


Valentines Day Love Bug Clay Pots Materials: Small clay pots Craft paper Chenille stems Foam glitter hearts Glue Wiggle eyes Scissors Craft paint and brushes Directions: Paint your terra cotta pot desired color and let dry (we did a pink…
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Spring Topsy Turvy Pots


Spring Topsy Turvy Pots These Topsy turvy planters are so fun to make and seriously look adorable in your yard! We made some fun Christmas ones this past winter (see them HERE), and with them being such a big hit…
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