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wished for you valentine

wished double e1452543949431

I wished for you Dandelion Valentine Dandelion Fingerprint Craft Materials: Canvas or poster board, acrylic paints, black sharpie and paintbrush Directions: either print off a dandelion image or take a sharpie and quickly draw one on the canvas, take the…
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R2 D2 VALENTINE BOX e1451618194369

R2-D2 VALENTINES DAY BOX or TRASH CAN MATERIALS USED: Basic trash can, can be small or full sized, Krylon Simmer spray paint or other silver spray paint, Felt (blue, black and gray), Hot glue or craft glue, Red button, cap…
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VALENTINE IDEAS e1451618451534

Valentine Treat Ideas Need a fun DIY treat for your kids valentines, check out some of these great ideas! You Keep My Heart in Tow You Make my Heart Race  Im Bananas Over you Valentine  I Totally Dig You Valentine …
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You keep my heart in tow Valentine

TOW e1451618413516

You Keep My Heart in Tow Valentine   So my original plan for this little guy was to be a fire truck and the smarties to be the ladder, well everyone decided it made a better tow truck so this…
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I’m Bananas Over You Valentine

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Hey There Pudding Cup! I’m Bananas Over You! Healthier Valentines Day Treat!             Click Here for Free Printable Image