Dollar Store Cars Birthday Centerpiece

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Dollar Store Cars Birthday Table Decor



 Supplies Needed: Small aluminum tray (with design in center), wreath form, black paint or spray paint, coffee can (i used a formula can), construction paper, dowel, Styrofoam ball or other small piece of Styrofoam, hot glue and hot glue gun, scissors, craft glue.

Directions: Paint your wreath form black, while it drys cut out the center of your aluminum tray so it slides into the wreath form. Once wreath is dry slide in your try center and run a bead of hot glue along the back side to hold the tray in place. Now take your coffee can and wrap it with black construction paper and glue in place with craft glue, cut out your 3 lights and glue down. Next hot glue to the inside bottom of your coffee can a piece of Styrofoam or Styrofoam ball, once this is dry insert one end of your dowel into the bottom of your black wreath and the other into the Styrofoam piece in the bottom of your can (you can used some glue to hold the dowel in place to make it more secure). Next add any kind of paper or other material into your can to hide the Styrofoam.


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