Fingerprint Rudolph Wood Slice

fingerprint rudolph wood slice sm

Fingerprint Rudolph Wood Slice

These Fingerprint Rudolph Wood Slice keepsakes make for wonderful Christmas gifts or just to keep as a unique Christmas decoration that you can display and look back at for years to come. These Christmas keepsakes are super simple to make and look adorable. 


  1. Round wood slice ( the ones we used where appx 6″)
  2. Craft sticks and jumbo craft sticks
  3. Red, white, brown and black craft paint
  4. Paint brush
  5. Glue


  1. Cut several regular sized craft sticks in half  (they dont have to be perfectly in half) (paint red)
  2. Cut one jumbo craft stick in half (paint white) 
  3. Once dry line up your regular sized craft sticks in a row to make your fence
  4. Place one half of your jumbo craft stick on each side to make your fence posts
  5. Glue your craft sticks down to your wood slice (see pictures)
  6. Have the child dip their thumb into brown paint and dab several spots of brown just above the fence (see pictures)
  7. Paint some antlers onto your brown thumb prints
  8. Paint in some eyes
  9. Add some painted snowflakes randomly 
  10. If desire add some white under your fence for extra snow
  11. enjoy



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