Flower Tower Ideas


Flower Tower Ideas


Oh my goodness, these flower towers are simply amazing and beautiful. So how do you make these?

Well it appears there are several different ways these are made.


On the Owner Builder Network they chose to use a flower pot and some wire fencing to make theirs. See how HERE

This stunning Petunia Tower is made the same kind of way as the previous flower tower, you can find the full instructions on how they made it from Alternative Energy Gardening HERE



Image via Amazon HERE

Love the look of these flower towers but do not want to mess with the fencing? This is a great alternative from AMAZON HERE

Or you can change it up a bit and go with THIS flower tower that is more spread out so you can have a variety of flowers in one. 

This flower tower idea is made by simply stacking different sized pots. You can get the full details on Goods Home Design HERE


Then there is the Topsy Turvy pots that are made using the same sized pots stacked on a pipe or rod, Find the details HERE



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