Wine Cork Angel Ornament Christmas Craft


Wine Cork Angel Ornament Christmas Craft


Upcycled wine corks and some simply supplies from the dollar store make this a quick and easy ornament to craft with the kiddos.  The perfect hostess, teacher, or neighbor gift for this holiday season. 



  • Wine Corks (recycled or available in the floral section of the craft store)
  • Wooden Beads – Small
  • Wired Ribbon, Gold – Dollar Store
  • Skinny Ribbon, Gold – Dollar Store
  • Chenille Stem, Gold Tinsel – Dollar Store
  • Blush – Dollar Store
  • Cotton Swab – Dollar Store
  • Permanent Marker, Black
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Ruler



  1. Gather all supplies.  Attach unfinished wooden bead to the top of the wine cork, so that the opening in the bead is positioned as an open, singing mouth.  Secure with a glue gun and glue sticks.
  2. Apply rosy cheeks to either side of the wooden bead angel head using a cotton swab and blush from the dollar store.
  3. Tie a length of skinny gold ribbon around the angel’s neck and finish with a bow.  Trim ribbon ends with scissors.
  4. Draw in small ovals for eyes with the fine tip of a permanent black marker.
  5. Cut a gold tinsel chenille stem in half with scissors.  Wrap stem around your finger to create a circle, leaving a one inch long straight section, then twist to secure.  Attach the angel’s halo to the back of the wooden bead head.
  6. Create a bow with two loops and no tails from gold wired ribbon, and then twist the ends to secure.
  7. Measure and cut a 12” length of skinny gold ribbon, tie the ends in a knot to create a loop, and then attach to the back of the angel body with a glue gun and glue sticks.
  8. To finish, glue the gold wired ribbon wings to the back of the angel body. Change up the ribbon colors to silver or white for a unique twist. 

A great craft project for tweens and teens to create on their own or with younger kids.












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