Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall

Halloween Yard Sign- made with scrap wood

sign2 e1451611131117

Halloween Yard Sign (made with scrap wood)       Using some scrap wood my husband had lying around I came up with this fun yard sign. I talked him into cutting the wood slats down, then I painted them…
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DIY Halloween Cauldron

c3 e1451611083194

Halloween Cauldron I hate the look of the plain plastic cauldron so i wanted to change it up and didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to buy a better looking one so this is what i came…
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Halloween and Fall Decorations 2014

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Halloween and Fall Decorations 2014         Yes I am that crazy lady who already has up her Halloween and Fall decorations. What can I say we are that excited for Halloween this year! 🙂

Spooky Franeknstein Paintbrush Craft

frankie e1451610836213

Spooky Frankenstein Paint Brush Craft Start off by letting the kids paint their paintbrushes with green paint. Once that is dry you can decorate the face however you want, we used black paint and wiggle eyes but you can also…
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Fall Leaf Resist Painting

leaf e1451610742714

Fall Leaf Resist Painting For this project we started off by painting the background of our canvas with several fall colors using acrylic paint only. Once that was dry we laid out our leafs onto our canvas (I used some…
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Scarecrow Mask

s1 e1451610681650

Fall Scarecrow Mask I got these adorable wood masks from Quality Art, I guess they are supposed to be a witch but I thought they looked more like a scarecrow so that is what we made! Using felt, straw (rafia),…
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