Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall

Pumpkin Wine Glasses

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  Pumpkin Wine Glasses   Materials Used:  Dollar Store Wine Glasses, Glitter Blast Spray Paint, and Raffia    IF YOU LIKE THESE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER WINEGLASS CREATIONS HERE  

Halloween Party

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Halloween Party 2014 (With Caramel Apple Bar)                                

Hanging Ghost

ghost e1451613447206

Hanging Ghost We took Styrofoam balls and covered them in cheese cloth, added some glitter spray and then I let the kids go crazy gluing on eyes and painting a mouth ect. Once it was dry I hot glued a…
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Fall Leaf Mask

fall leaf mask e1451613358128

Fall Leaf Mask (using real leafs) Using a paper mask that I got here I covered it in craft glue then taking fresh fall leafs I let the kids paste them all down along with wiggle eyes. Once the mask…
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Fall Harvest Footprint Craft

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Fall Harvest Footprint Craft With this craft I had seen the corn done a million times HERE is one of them but we just where not happy with it so we threw in some corn kernels and then it just…
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Spooky Halloween Footprints

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Spooky Halloween Footprints     All of these fun footprints I have seen done a million time but they are just so much fun we had to create our own versions. The bats I found HERE and the Witches I…
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Halloween Yard Sign- made with scrap wood

sign2 e1451611131117

Halloween Yard Sign (made with scrap wood)       Using some scrap wood my husband had lying around I came up with this fun yard sign. I talked him into cutting the wood slats down, then I painted them…
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