Spring and Summer

Wine Cork Stamped Poppy Flowers

popies2 e1451618139964

Wine Cork Stamped Poppy Flowers I just absolutely love Poppy flower crafts they are too pretty and so much fun. I got the inspiration to do this from a similar craft that I fell completely in love with THIS POPPY…
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Plastic Plate Flowers

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Plastic Plate Flowers / Garden Flowers for Kids I just love the glass plate flowers that everyone makes for their gardens, my co-workers make a ton of them every year and are making more this weekend. I have been wanting…
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Summer and Sea Wine Glasses (Candle Holders)

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Summer and Sea Wine Glasses (Candle Holders)   Materials: Glitter Blast Spray CLICK HERE, Dollar Store Wine Glasses, Looking Glass Spray, Sand, Hemp, Glue, Shells and Starfish, other embellishments, and led candle lights. If you have never seen the mercury…
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Bow Noodle Blue Birds

blue bird2 e1451621180222

Bow Noodle Blue Birds Materials: Pom Poms, feathers, wiggle eyes, bow noodle, glue, construction paper, paint and brush. I just love these little guys, they are so simple and yet adorable. Simply paint your noodles, once they are dry glue…
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Noodle Bee Craft

bee1 e1451621089834

Noodle Bee Craft   Materials Needed:  Bow Noodles, Chenille stems, wiggle eyes and glue. We had some extra bow noodles from some other projects so we decided to make wings for our chenille stem bees. We took and wrapped the…
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Popcorn Bunny Craft

pb2 e1451618085102

Popcorn Bunny Craft Materials: Popcorn, Construction paper, pom poms, scissors, glue, chenille stems and wiggle eyes