Misc. Kid Crafts

Unicorn Valentines Day Mailbox

mailbox sm

Unicorn Valentines Day Mailbox Materials: Paper Mache Mailbox HERE 7″ Paper Mache Cone HERE  or Use a Unicorn HEADBAND HERE or one with and Elastic Band HERE White Craft Paint or spray paint Gold Glitter Blast HERE White Glitter Blast HERE Pink…
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Moana Tamatoa Crab Valentines Day Box

tamatoa valentines day box SQsmm

Moana Tamatoa Crab Valentines Day Box Materials: Box (shoe box works best) Shells Construction paper (purple) Orange and Purple craft foam Glue (I used a hot glue gun and hot glue but other glues will work as well) Tape Scissors…
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Christmas Angel Photo Ornament Keepsake

Angel Ornament keepsake sm

Angel Christmas Ornament Keepsake Materials: Jumbo craft sticks Glue Heart doily  White craft paint and brush Misc. skin tone and hair colored colored card stock Scissors Gold Chenille stem Child photo Black pen/ extra fine sharpie String or magnet  Directions:…
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Trolls Christmas Ornaments

Trolls Christmas Ornaments sm

Trolls Christmas Ornaments Materials: Clear Christmas ornaments Glitter Blast spray paint (option 1) Decoupadge (option 2) Fine Glitter (option 2) Craft paint/ Craft glitter paint (option 3) Gems Marabou feather boa Sharpie (for option 1) Glass paint maker (for option…
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Spinning Paper Plate Turkeys

spinning turkey craft smm

Spinning Paper Plate Turkeys Materials: Paper plates Fall colored craft paints Paint brush Scissors Brass fastener Construction paper Wiggle eyes Glue Directions take your first paper plate and paint it with swirls of different fall colors take your second paper…
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Hot Cocoa Gingerbread Man Craft


Hot Cocoa Gingerbread Man Craft Materials: Free Printable Template (gingerbread man template page AND coco mug)  Brown and blue construction paper or card stock White pom poms Wiggle eyes Misc. embellishments Craft stick (popsicle stick) Scissors Glue Glitter (optional) White…
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Halloween Mason Jar Lid Friends

halloween mason jar lids smm

Halloween Mason Jar Lid Friends Materials: Mason jar lids Craft sticks Craft paint Craft foam or Construction paper Sharpie Glue Wiggle eyes White paint pen Kids picture magnets (optional) Directions: Paint your mason jar lids desired color Paint your craft…
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