Misc. Kid Crafts

Straw Maze Activity

straw activity sm 1

Straw Maze Activity Straw Maze Activity Materials: Straw Craft fluff or Pom Pom Blue Tape Directions: Place tape down onto the floor, design your tape in a maze formation Place pom pom/ craft fluff on the floor at the start…
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Painted Dinosaur Prints

dino prints sqsm

Painted Dinosaur Prints Materials: Toy dinosaurs Craft Paint Tape Paper, poster board or cardstock Soap and water Directions Tape down a few pieces of paper, cardstock or poster board Squirt out some paint on an extra sheet of paper Let…
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Magical Frozen Unicorn Eggs

magical frozen unicorn eggs sm

Magical Frozen Unicorn Eggs Materials: Latex balloons Glitter Food Coloring or Glitter Liquid Watercolors Small Unicorns Water  Spray bottle Directions: Push your small unicorns into a latex balloon Pour in some glitter and a couple drops of Food Coloring or…
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Painting With Cars

painting with cars sm 2

Painting With Cars Materials: Craft paints Kids toy cars Craft paper or poster board Tape Directions: Tape down a pieces of craft paper or poster board Place several dabs of paint onto the paper or poster board (we placed ours…
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DIY Wood Block Backyard Racetrack

diy wood block backyard racetrack smm

DIY Wood Block Backyard Racetrack Materials: Misc wood scrap pieces (ours where mostly 2″x6″x7″ pieces that we had left over from a home project) Black paint (I used black spray paint) White paint and paint brush (or white tape would…
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Finger Painted Mothers Day Craft

Fingerpainted mom art s

Finger Painted Mothers Day Craft Materials. Craft paint Printed cut out of MOM letters Poster board or white cardstock paper Tape Scissors Optional: Flower and glue Directions: Cut out printed MOM letters  Roll pieces of tape and stick to the…
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Squirt Bottle Painting

squirt bottle smm

Squirt Bottle Painting Materials: Craft paint or liquid watercolor Squirt bottle or squirt guns White paper Large clips Directions: Clip paper to cardboard or other hard surface Fill squirt bottles or squirt guns with craft paint (add water to the…
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