Misc. Kid Crafts

School Supplies Cake

school supplie cake smm

School Supplies Cake Celebrate back to school by making this fun School Supplies Cake to give to your teacher Materials: 3 round boxes- different sizes string and ribbon rubber bands – large School supplies (Crayons, scissors, glue, glue sticks, markers, pencils,…
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Random act of Kindness

kindess sm

Random Act of Kindness Random act of Kindness Printable TAG HERE—>  random act of kindness tags OR Find Printable Tag HERE from google drive After seeing THIS POST we just loved the message it gave and wanted to make up some…
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dinosaur slime eggs smm

DINOSAUR SLIME EGGS   Materials Elmers glitter glue slime kit HERE or 6 fl oz Elmer’s Glitter Glue 1/2 TBSP baking soda 1 1/2 TBSP contact lens solution Clear Plastic Eggs HERE Small Toy Dinosaurs HERE Directions Pour entire contents of your 6…
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Pool Noodle Stick Horse & Pool Noodle Unicorns

pool noodle stick horse smmm

Pool Noodle Stick Horse & Pool Noodle Unicorns Materials: Pool noodle (I found mine at the dollar store) Large Knee Socks HERE Ribbon Large Wiggle eyes Multi colored yarn  Hot glue and glue gun Scissors Buttons Craft Felt Large Hair…
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Straw Maze Activity

straw activity sm 1

Straw Maze Activity Straw Maze Activity Materials: Straw Craft fluff or Pom Pom Blue Tape Directions: Place tape down onto the floor, design your tape in a maze formation Place pom pom/ craft fluff on the floor at the start…
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Painted Dinosaur Prints

dino prints sqsm

Painted Dinosaur Prints Materials: Toy dinosaurs Craft Paint Tape Paper, poster board or cardstock Soap and water Directions Tape down a few pieces of paper, cardstock or poster board Squirt out some paint on an extra sheet of paper Let…
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Magical Frozen Unicorn Eggs

magical frozen unicorn eggs sm

Magical Frozen Unicorn Eggs Materials: Latex balloons Glitter Food Coloring or Glitter Liquid Watercolors Small Unicorns Water  Spray bottle Directions: Push your small unicorns into a latex balloon Pour in some glitter and a couple drops of Food Coloring or…
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