Misc. Kid Crafts

Halloween Eyeball Slime

eyeball slime smm

Halloween Eyeball Slime Materials Elmers glitter glue slime kit HERE or 6 fl oz Elmer’s Glitter Glue Eyeballs (Dollar store, craft store or local Walmart) 1/2 TBSP baking soda 1 1/2 TBSP contact lens solution Directions Pour entire contents of your 6 fl…
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Fizzling Monster Brains

Monster Brains sm

Fizzling Monster Brains Materials: Plastic Cups Acrylic Craft Paint Wiggle eyes Buttons Sharpie Paint brush Gauze or Cheesecloth  Glue (I used hot glue) Misc. embellishments Baking soda Distilled White Vinegar Food coloring or liquid watercolor Directions: Have the kids paint…
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Troll Pumpkins

Trolls sm

Troll Pumpkins Materials: Pumpkins-  Misc sizes and shapes Craft Paints Craft Felt Wiggle eyes (asst sizes) Gems Sharpie Tulle (misc. colors) Bows/ ribbon Artificial flowers Scissors Hot glue and glue gun Headband Glitter blast spray paint HERE or HERE White spray…
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Halloween Footprint Hopscotch

halloween hop scotch feet prints smm

Halloween Footprint Hopscotch Materials: Roll of butcher paper  Printed footprints (I just found a template online) HERE is one similar to the one I used Crayons Scissors Spray Adhesive (or glue sticks) Tape Directions: Print off several footprints Have the kids…
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Dancing Spider Races


Dancing Spider Races Materials: Aluminum foil Water Dry Erase Marker Straws Directions Lay out your aluminum foil, fold at the edges to keep water in Using a NEW dry erase marker, draw on your spiders Slowly pour water around the…
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Spooky Halloween Treat Pops


Spooky Halloween Treat Pops MATERIALS USED:  Plastic Fill- able Ornaments (I would recommend checking for food safe ones) find some like the ones I used –> HERE Green M&M’s Orange M&M’s Brown M&M’s Jumbo Craft Sticks HERE Construction paper Hot glue and glue…
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Unicorn and Mermaid Fantasy Snow Globe Jars

Unicorn and mermaid fantasy snowglobe jars sm

Unicorn and Mermaid Fantasy Snow Globe Jars Materials  Seal-able glass jars Glycerin  Glass glue  Glass Paint Marker Black Small Cone (decorated, I used the top of a small witch hat and added gems and ribbon) Shells and other Ocean decor…
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