Kids School Snacks and Treats

Witches Brew

Witches Brew sm

Witches Brew  With Free Printable Tags Witches Brew With Free Printable Tags These little witches brew cauldrons are so adorable and so fun for any Halloween party favor, these would work great for a school Halloween party treat as well….
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Pre-Packaged Halloween Treat Ideas

Pre packaged Halloween treats smm

Pre-Packaged Halloween Treat Ideas We love making pre-packaged treats for kids, since the schools will no longer allow for outside food unless its prepackaged we had to get creative with making fun school treats, so here are some great ideas…
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Pre-Packaged Graveyard Brownies

Graveyard brownies smmm

Pre-Packaged Graveyard Brownies These Pre-Packaged Graveyard Brownies make such a quick and easy Halloween treat idea for a school Halloween party, with the new rules at the schools of no outside food unless its prepackaged makes it hard to have…
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Pre-Packaged Eyeball Cookies

Eyeball cookies smm

Pre-Packaged Eyeball Cookies These Halloween Pre-Packaged Eyeball cookies where a super quick and easy idea for kids to take to school for a fun Halloween treat. Materials:   Little Debbies Oatmeal Cookies  Black and green paper/ cardstock Red marker or paint…
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Halloween Banana Boo Pops

Halloween Bananna boo pops smmm

Halloween Banana Boo Pops These Halloween Banana boo pops where a huge hit at our Halloween party last year, the kids went crazy over them. Not only are these super simple but they look amazing and taste fantastic.  Materials: Bananas…
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Silly Scarecrow Popcorn Balls

scarecrow popcorn balls smm

Silly Scarecrow Popcorn Balls Materials: Popcorn Marshmallows Vanilla  Butter Icecream cone Black frosting Candy corn Chocolate chips Pretzels  Directions: Mix up your marshmallow, vanilla, popcorn and butter mixture according to your favorite recipe or find one HERE Shape popcorn balls…
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St. Patrick’s Day Pre-Packaged Treat Ideas

St Patricks Day treat ideas sm

St. Patrick’s Day Pre-Packaged Treat Ideas Materials:  Chocolate pudding cup Vanilla Pudding Cup Lime jello fruit cup Apple sauce Packet Multi colored Chenille stems Gold Chenille stems Black ribbon or construction paper Orange, green and black construction paper Chocolate gold…
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