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Luv Bug Valentines Day Treat

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Luv Bug Valentines Day Treat Valentines Day Fruit Cup These little love bug jello cups are so fun and super easy to make, they are perfect little treats for Valentines day and work great to take to school parties.   …
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Penguin Footprints

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Penguin Footprints     Penguin footprints, now i know these are nothing new. They have been done from so many different blogs but I just love them, they are too stinking cute so here is our version.  We added a little…
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Christmas 2014

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Christmas 2014 So I have had my Christmas Decor up for almost a month now and it took me forever to get a picture but here it is- well part of it at least I didn’t have a chance to…
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Grinch Finger Puppet

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Grinch Finger Puppet Materials Used: Green and Red felt, Sharpie, Wiggle eyes, cotton ball, hot glue and glue gun and one bell.      

Rudolph Dollar Store Pizza Pan Ornament

rudolf pp e1451616226263

Rudolph Dollar Store Pizza Pan Ornament Materials Used: Craft Glue, Hot glue, wiggle eyes, bronze glitter blast spray paint, dollar store pizza pan, red pom pom and craft foam. Using Dollar Store Pizza Pans, Glitter Blast Spray, and Acrylic Paints…
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