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Bow Noodle Blue Birds

blue bird2

Bow Noodle Blue Birds Materials: Pom Poms, feathers, wiggle eyes, bow noodle, glue, construction paper, paint and brush. I just love these little guys, they are so simple and yet adorable. Simply paint your noodles, once they are dry glue…
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Ballerina Bow Noodle Dancer


Ballerina Bow Noodle Dancer Materials: Bow noddle pasta, paint, brush, brown chenille stem, glue and mini close pin.    

Noodle Bee Craft


Noodle Bee Craft   Materials Needed:  Bow Noodles, Chenille stems, wiggle eyes and glue. We had some extra bow noodles from some other projects so we decided to make wings for our chenille stem bees. We took and wrapped the…
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Popcorn Craft


Popcorn Craft Materials Used: Construction paper, Popcorn, Scissors and glue. This was so much fun the kids had a blast gluing all of the popcorn on, that is when they where not eating in. Such a simple craft but they…
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Princess Footprints Mulan and Pocahontas


Princess Footprints Mulan and Pocahontas I know many of you have wondered why Mulan and Pocahontas where missing from my Disney Inspired Princess Footprints Post HERE, the reason being is I was just a little slow getting them done. So…
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Disney Princess Footprints


Disney Princess Footprints   We just love footprint crafts and my kids are so in love with everything Disney as most kids are, so we decided to come up with several Disney inspired footprints for fun. The reason we did…
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