Fantastic Beast Cocktail

Fantastic Beast Cocktail

This Fantastic beast cocktail is a must try for any Harry Potter or Fantastic Beast fan, it is sure to amaze you and of course help kick off the start to a fantastic movie premier or Fantastic Beast party

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Fantastic Beasts Cocktail
  1. Fill an 8 oz glass 1/2 full with ice.
  2. Pour the rum over the ice, then pour in the triple sec and orange juice.
  3. Top with sprite.
  4. Stir in blue curaçao
  5. Add the silver shimmer dust
  6. Stir to combine
  8. Add the dry ice right before serving
  9. Stir to combine

Note: as in any adult beverage you must abide by your countries drinking laws and what the legal age limit is to drink. Please drink responsibly! 

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