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Easter Tea Light Craft


Easter Tea Light Craft Materials: Craft paper Scissors Marker Feather Hole punch Led Tea Lights Glue Wiggle eyes Directions:  Cut out of white and yellow craft paper a circle  Cut out of white craft paper some bunny ears- glue some…
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Strip Paper Easter Craft


Strip Paper Easter Craft Materials: Paper scraps misc. colors Scissors or paper cutter Glue stick Wiggle eyes Feather White pom pom Directions: Cut your paper scraps into random sized strips using scissors or a paper cutter Make a yellow pile…
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Plastic Easter Egg Glow Bugs


Plastic Easter Egg Glow Bugs These adorable plastic Easter egg glow bugs are so fun and so easy to make! We have seen these done in the past before and wanted to make some like it this year, so we…
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Curled Paper Spring Flowers


Curled Paper Spring Flowers Materials:   Paper (I used cardstock.) Guillotine cutting board or ruler Scissors Un-sharpened pencil Glue stick Directions:  Cut paper into ½ to 1 inch strips, depending on how thick you want each flower. Wrap the paper…
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Crochet Egg Apron


Crochet Egg Apron If you are a chicken owner it does not get any better than this adorable Crochet Egg Apron from Heart Hook Home. This apron is a must have to collect up your treasured eggs, with numerous egg…
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Towel Easter Bunny Basket


Towel Easter Bunny Basket Materials: Large beach towel (We used THESE) Large rubber band (We used THESE) Goggles (HERE) Easter basket filler- treats, plastic eggs, flip flops, ect..  Directions: Lay out large towel (folded in half once hamburger style) Take…
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