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Paper Plate Scarecrow

paper plate scarecrow smm

Paper Plate Scarecrow Materials: Paper plate Tan craft paint Brown, yellow, orange and pink construction paper or craft paper Scissors Craft glue Black marker Paint brush  Directions: Have the kids paint their plates tan- we painted the back side of…
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Painting With Cars

painting with cars sm 2

Painting With Cars Materials: Craft paints Kids toy cars Craft paper or poster board Tape Directions: Tape down a pieces of craft paper or poster board Place several dabs of paint onto the paper or poster board (we placed ours…
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Finger Painted Mothers Day Craft

Fingerpainted mom art s

Finger Painted Mothers Day Craft Materials. Craft paint Printed cut out of MOM letters Poster board or white cardstock paper Tape Scissors Optional: Flower and glue Directions: Cut out printed MOM letters  Roll pieces of tape and stick to the…
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Craft Stick Bird House Photo Frame

craft stick bird house photo frame smm

Craft Stick Bird House Photo Frame Materials: Jumbo Craft Sticks Toothpicks Craft Paint Glue  Paint brush Misc. embellishments (flowers, gems, ect..) Directions: Arrange all of your jumbo craft sticks first (I used 7 in a row so the bottom cross…
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Handprint Flower Photo Keepsake Card

handprint sm

Handprint Flower Photo Keepsake Card Materials: Green, Brown and white paper (card stock or construction paper) Craft paint Scissors Glue Child’s photo Pen or pencil Misc. embellishments Directions: Trace child’s hand onto green paper and cut out Place handprint over…
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Snowman Keepsake Card

snowman keepsake card smm

Snowman Keepsake Card Materials: White card stock  Construction paper Scissors Buttons Ribbon Glue Black marker Wiggle eyes Photo of child FREE Printable Snowman Template HERE Misc. embellishments Directions: Print template on white card stock Cut out snowman  Fold snowman head…
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Halloween Mason Jar Lid Friends

halloween mason jar lids smm

Halloween Mason Jar Lid Friends Materials: Mason jar lids Craft sticks Craft paint Craft foam or Construction paper Sharpie Glue Wiggle eyes White paint pen Kids picture magnets (optional) Directions: Paint your mason jar lids desired color Paint your craft…
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