DIY Halloween Hanging Witch Hands


DIY Halloween Hanging Witch Hands Materials: Skeleton hands or witch hands (I found the glitter hands at a local party supply store and the skeleton hands in the Halloween section of most any store) Or Find some like them HERE…
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Witch Broom


Witch Broom Materials: Broom (an old one you have on hand or find the one we used HERE) Craft foam- Black and purple Green button Large wiggle eyes Glue Scissors Witch hat Eyelashes¬† Misc. embellishments Directions: Glue on your wiggle…
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Spooky Halloween Pillars


Spooky Halloween Pillars Materials: Thick Foam (about 3″ thick) Foam sheeting (about 1″ thick) Inexpensive end tables 2pk FOUND HERE Concrete Tubes (found at local hardware store) Liquid nails or super string gorilla glue Dollar store skulls and chain Scissors…
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Halloween House 2019


Halloween House 2019 We started super early this year with our Halloween decorations- as in started in July lol, so we thought we would share a sneak peak into how the inside is coming along- we hope you like it…
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Skeleton Entryway Pots


Skeleton Entryway Pots Materials: Dollar store skulls (lots of them- I purchased a case from the dollar tree) 2 each Dowels (I used one that was about a 1/2″ thick) 2 each Foam Balls (large) 2 each Large outdoor pots…
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Halloween Skull Wall Sconces


Halloween Skull Wall Sconces Materials: Wooden Wall Plaques HERE Spanish Moss HERE Dollar store skulls Scissors Plastic cups or tea light jars Black paint or spray paint Plastic spiders Glue (I used hot glue but if you have a heavier…
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Halloween Pallets

Halloween pallets smm

Halloween Pallets Materials: different shaped pallets (I found some small ones from my local craft stores Spray paint (black, white, orange, green and purple) Large wiggle eyes Wood craft shapes (I found a package of misc. shapes for the noses)…
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