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Pinecone Angel Ornaments


Pinecone Angel Ornaments Materials: Pinecones Glitter spray or glue and glitter Ribbon (larger in size 1″ or 2′ , wired ribbon recommended) Larger wood round ball (we used these HERE) Black sharpie or marker Glue (we used hot glue) Spanish…
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Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments


Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments Paper Straw Christmas Tree Craft Time: 10 minutes Level: Easy Materials Needed: 1 jumbo wooden craft stick  Red acrylic craft paint  Craft paint brush Red craft jute twine HERE Paper straws in red, white, and…
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Wood Slice Snowman Ornaments


Wood Slice Snowman Ornaments Materials: Small wood slice pieces Craft felt (orange) Glue Ribbon Scissors Brown Chenille stems Black marker String Directions: Glue 2 small wood slices together (end to end) Wrap a piece of ribbon or fabric around the…
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Snowman Sunglasses Christmas Ornament


Snowman Sunglasses Christmas Ornament Materials: Old sunglasses or Dollar store sunglasses Craft paint and brushes Ribbon Scissors Glue Distressing pad (optional) Misc. embellishments Directions: Paint the sunglasses lenses with white craft paint or primer (may need to do more than…
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Christmas Bells Ornament


Christmas Bells Ornament How fun is this little ornament?! I remember making these when I was a kid and wanted to make some again with my kiddos this year. These Christmas bell ornaments are so simple and fun to make…
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Ornament Cupcakes


Ornament Cupcakes Ingredients 12 cupcakes 1 to 2 cups vanilla frosting Clear sprinkling sugar 12 wrapped Rolo candies (1 for each cupcake) Red and green coated chocolate candies (about 13 for each cupcake) Large open star tip (Wilton 1M Open…
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Christmas Mason Jar lid Ornaments

mason jar lid ornaments smm

Christmas Mason Jar lid Ornaments These Christmas Mason Jar lid Ornaments are super easy and fun to make, they will make a wonderful addition to our tree this year, not to mention the kids and I had a blast making…
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