Valentine’s Day

Super Hero Juice Bottle

Super Hero Juice Bottle Valentine  Materials: Squeeze juice Felt Ribbon (optional) Scissors Free printable tags Glue Directions: Cut out of felt your cape and mask to the size of the juice bottles (on one of them I used ribbon to…
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Heart Flower Sucker Valentine

Sucker Flowers Valentine MATERIALS: Suckers Glitter Hearts (I found mine at the dollar store but they are usually at any craft store as well) Hot Glue and glue gun Directions: Simply begin by hot glueing on your hearts around the…
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Bee My Valentine Juice Drink

Bee My Valentine Juice Drink MATERIALS: Juice Drink Black Felt White Construction paper Glitter hearts Chenille stems Wiggle Eyes Glue (I used hot glue) Scissors DIRECTIONS: Start by cutting strips of black felt and glue on to your juice bottle,…
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Ninja Turtle Valentine Drink

Ninja Turtle Valentine Drink Materials: Green drink (we used Gatorade since we had it on hand, but there are many different kinds of drinks they have in green) Colored felt Scissors Oval wiggle eyes Glue (I used hot glue) Printable…
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Butterfly Chapstick Valentine

Butterfly Chapstick Valentine  MATERIALS: Chapstick Red construction paper Glitter hearts glue or hot glue scissors DIRECTIONS: Begin by cutting out your heart shapes from construction paper, glue on your glitter hearts for the butterfly wing designs then lastly glue on…
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Valentines Day Train

Valentines Day Train  Materials: Juice Box Reese’s Peanut butter cups (small ones) Peppermints Small boxes of nerds Hershey kisses Foam glitter hearts Hot glue gun (low temp) and glue sticks Share this:

Chocolate Ladybug Valentines Day Treat

Chocolate Ladybug Valentines Day Treat Materials: Black construction paper Chocolate Candy Hearts Wiggle Eyes Low temp hot glue gun and glue Scissors Chenille Stems (optional) Directions: Start off by cutting out the shape of your ladybug- I did this by…
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Valentines Day Flower Treats

Valentines Day Flower Treats Materials Used: Construction Paper Jumbo Popsicle Sticks Candy Chocolate Hearts Glitter Hearts Misc. decorations Hot Glue and Glue gun (low temp) Scissors Directions: Using a low temp hot glue gun, glue your chocolate hearts in the…
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Love Bug Valentines Day Treat Pops

Love Bug Valentines Day Treat Pops Materials: Clear Fill-able Ornaments HERE (note: I recommend finding a food safe ornament) Construction paper HERE Wiggle Eyes Jumbo Popsicle Sticks HERE Black Felt Hot glue and glue gun Scissors Desired Candy (I used Lemon…
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Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Valentines Day Craft Ideas Need a few fun and cute craft ideas this Valentines Day? We have found some adorable and fun ideas floating around the web to keep you busy this year! Salt Dough Footprint Heart – DIRECTIONS AND…
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