Rudolph Candy Canes


Rudolph Candy Canes How fun and simple are these little candy cane Rudolph’s? These make for a fun kids craft or kids Christmas treat, they even work great to hang on the tree.  Materials: Candy Canes Glue Craft felt –…
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Jingle Bell Wreath Christmas Ornament


Jingle Bell Wreath Christmas Ornament   These sweet little wreath ornaments are so fun, they would be a great craft idea for kiddos to make and would also make for a wonderful Christmas gift Materials:   Chenille stems Small jingle…
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Cardboard Tube Christmas Wreath


Cardboard Tube Christmas Wreath Materials: Cardboard tubes Green Paint Foam paint brush Red pom poms (about 1/4 inch) Glue or glue dots Ribbon Paper or styrofoam plate Scissors Directions Paint the cardboard tubes with green paint. Allow to dry. From…
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Jingle Bell Ball Ornaments


Jingle Bell Ball Ornaments How fun are these super simple little 3-D ornaments, these would be fantastic as a easy kids craft and would make a wonderful gift idea.  Materials: (For each jingle bell ball) 3 chenille stems 36 jingle…
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Starfish Snowflake Ornaments


Starfish Snowflake Ornaments Materials: Starfish (any shape or size) Glitter snowflakes (found at dollar store or local craft store) Glue Brush Fine glitter dust  Glitter blast spray (optional instead of glitter dust) String (if the snowflakes do not have string…
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Silly Snowman Seashell Ornaments


Silly Snowman Seashell Ornaments Materials: Seashells String Black find tip marker Wiggle eyes (optional) Glue Small pom poms  Chenille stems Scissors Thin wire (optional- could use brown chenille stems) craft paper or felt Directions: Cut your chenille stem down to…
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Rudolph Candy Cane Friends


Rudolph Candy Cane Friends Materials: Free Printable—> Rundolph Candy Cane Friend Template Brown and tan craft paper Scissors Red Pom Pom Wiggle eyes Glue Candy Canes Directions: Cut out your pieces using the printable template (the 3 small oval pieces…
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