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Cardboard Cone Christmas Elf


Cardboard Cone Christmas Elf Materials: Paper Mache Cones Green paint Beige Paint Foam paint brush Adhesive foam in beige or painted beige ¼ inch to ½ inch white pom pom balls 1 inch pom pom balls Hot glue or glue…
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Cardboard Tube Christmas Wreath


Cardboard Tube Christmas Wreath Materials: Cardboard tubes Green Paint Foam paint brush Red pom poms (about 1/4 inch) Glue or glue dots Ribbon Paper or styrofoam plate Scissors Directions Paint the cardboard tubes with green paint. Allow to dry. From…
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Pine Cone Tree Christmas Scene

pine cone tree scene smm

Pine Cone Tree Christmas Scene Have you seen these adorable pine cone Christmas trees that are such a popular Christmas craft to make? We just love the idea and thought we would put a spin on it and make a…
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Christmas Craft Sticks

christmas craft sticks smm

Christmas Craft Sticks These Christmas Craft Sticks are super fun and easy to make, they are great crafts for Elementary and preschool school Christmas parties or just for fun, they can even be made into ornaments for your tree.  Materials: Jumbo…
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Handprint Christmas Tree craft

Handprint christmas tree smm

Handprint Christmas Tree craft Handprint Christmas Tree craft This is a super quick and easy Christmas craft idea for most all ages, the kids had a blast making them and it made for a great keepsake for years to come….
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Fingerprint Rudolph Wood Slice

fingerprint rudolph wood slice sm

Fingerprint Rudolph Wood Slice These Fingerprint Rudolph Wood Slice keepsakes make for wonderful Christmas gifts or just to keep as a unique Christmas decoration that you can display and look back at for years to come. These Christmas keepsakes are…
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Straw Painted Christmas Tree Craft

tree sm

Straw Painted Christmas Tree Craft Supplies Needed: Paints (tempera, acrylic or liquid watercolor) Paint Brush Gems Glue Glitter (optional) Straw Water scissors misc. embellishments (such as present stickers, ect..) Yellow construction paper Canvas panel or (illustration board, poster board, card stock,…
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