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Owl Easter Basket

owl Easter basket smm

Owl Easter Basket Materials: Easter Basket (desired color) Craft felt (desired colors for eyes and wings) (Orange and Yellow for beak and feet) Craft Feathers (desired colors) Large wiggle eyes Glue Scissors Large flower Misc. Embellishments Basket filler Easter basket…
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Dinosaur Easter Basket

dinosaur easter basket smmm

Dinosaur Easter Basket Materials: Blue Easter basket Green fabric Foam cone Green craft felt or fabric Large wiggle eyes Hot glue and glue gun Scissors Cardboard Basket filler Dinosaur Items (dinosaur eggs, dinosaurs, Dinosaur Summer gear, ect.)  Directions: Cut pieces…
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Shark Easter Basket

Shark Easter Basket sm

Shark Easter Basket Materials: Blue Easter Basket Blue Craft Felt 3-4 pieces White Craft Felt 1 piece Glue (I used hot glue and a glue gun) Large wiggle eyes Cardboard Scissors Basket filler Items I used for basket stuffers Shark…
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Easter Basket Fairy Garden

easter basket fairy garden sm

Easter Basket Fairy Garden Tired of the same old Easter baskets? This is a fun way to mix up the traditional Easter basket into something fun and different! Materials: Basket with handle (any kind will work, but a larger one…
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