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Lavender Decongestant Bath Bombs and Shower melts

bath smm

Lavender Decongestant Bath Bombs & Shower melts Are you feeling a bit congested during the cold season? These Lavender Decongestant Bath Bombs and Shower melts are a great way to help open up your sinuses.  We just love using these great aromatherapy…
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Harry Potter Bathroom

Harry Potter bathroom smmm

Harry Potter Bathroom With Halloween around the corner we could not help our selves but make a Harry Potter Bathroom to go along with our different themed Halloween rooms. We are just in love with how it turned out, the…
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DIY Pencil Shoes

pencil shoes smm

DIY Pencil Shoes Materials: White Canvas Shoes- I used these ones HERE  or more like them HERE Acrylic Craft Paint- Black, tan, school bus yellow, silver and pink Paint brush Blue tape Directions Remove your shoe laces Tape off your…
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Mason Jar Keepsake Flower Vase


Mason Jar Keepsake Flower Vase Materials: Glitter Blast spray paint Decal or sticker (desired picture size and shape) Childs photo Artificial Flowers Tape or glue dots Mason Jar Directions: Place a sticker or decal the desired size of your image…
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DIY Wood Block Backyard Racetrack

diy wood block backyard racetrack smm

DIY Wood Block Backyard Racetrack Materials: Misc wood scrap pieces (ours where mostly 2″x6″x7″ pieces that we had left over from a home project) Black paint (I used black spray paint) White paint and paint brush (or white tape would…
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Winesicle Freeze Pops

winesicle smm

Winesicle Freeze Pops Materials: Your favorite wine  Berries or other desired fruit Freeze Pop Bags (Find the ones I used HERE) or ( more HERE ) or (more like them HERE) Directions: Cut up desired fruit into small pieces Fill bag part…
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