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Craft Stick Witch

craft stick witch smm

Craft Stick Witch Materials: Craft sticks (popsicle sticks) Jumbo and regular  Constuction paper or Cardstock (purple, black, green and brown) Scissors Carft glue Black Marker Wiggle eyes Directions: Glue 3 each jumbo craft sticks together at each end forming a…
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Floating Ghost Ornament

floating ghost ornament sm

Floating Ghost Ornament Floating Ghost Ornament Such a quick and easy Halloween decorating idea, we put this together in about 5 minutes and they look amazing hanging around our house, the kids just love them, and what is even nicer…
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Haunted Graveyard Peeps Treat

haunted graveyard peeps treats smmm

Haunted Graveyard Peeps Treat Haunted graveyard peeps treats!  These are so fun for a Halloween party, we made up a bunch of the pudding trays and let the kids decorate there own graveyards to take home, they had a blast…
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DIY PVC Candelabra

candelabra sm

DIY PVC Candelabra DIY PVC Candelabra  This is such a fun idea for Halloween, it was a quick and fairly inexpensive project, and it looks amazing. Materials: 4 each 10″ 1-1/2″ pvc 1 each pvc 1-1/2″ X connector 4 each…
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HALLOWEEN HAY BALE ART We have compiled up some of our favorite Halloween Hay Bales, these are all so adorable and what a fun way to decorate for the Holidays. Click on links below picture for their source   Spider…
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Halloween Centerpiece and Hanging Terrarium

halloween centerpiece sm

Halloween Centerpiece and Hanging Terrarium Materials Used: Cake stand or plate, Hanging Terrarium, tall pillar vases, Halloween Candles, black and red roses, fake webbing, black greenery, skeleton hand, and other misc. items