Rudolph Bathroom Ideas

rudolph bathroom smmm

Rudolph Bathroom Ideas Christmas is such a fun and magical time of year and we just love to decorate the house up, so this year we decided to do themed rooms like we did for Halloween. We decided for the…
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Tea Light Christmas Tree

tea light christmas tree sm

Battery Operated Tea Light Christmas Tree Materials: Battery Operated Tea Lights (Green, Brown, Gold Star) ( I found the star at the dollar store) Hot glue and Glue gun (optional) Glitter spray for the tea lights (HERE)  misc embellishments (optional)…
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Burlap Wrapped Dollar Store Candy Canes

burlap wrapped candy canes sm

Burlap Wrapped Dollar Store Candy Canes I love burlap decorations and this year we are going simple, and more of a country/ rustic Christmas. So I have been revamping a lot of our decor and adding some new and fun…
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Christmas Crate Train

Christmas Crate Train sm

Christmas Crate Train MATERIALS: Wood Crates  (I used appx 18″ x 12″) Dollar Store Tins (Lids needed) Spray Paint (outdoor rated) Green, White and Red Dollar Store Christmas decorations Hot Glue Acrylic Paint (red) Saw Chain (used to connect the train cars)…
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Tomato Cage Christmas Decorations

tomato cage christmas decorations sm

Tomato Cage Christmas Decorations These are all so fun! I love how many different ways these tomato cages are transformed into amazing Christmas Decorations. Follow the links provided to see there source or full tutorial. Tomato Cage Christmas Trees tutorial…
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Christmas 2014

decor2 Copy e1451616785409

Christmas 2014 So I have had my Christmas Decor up for almost a month now and it took me forever to get a picture but here it is- well part of it at least I didn’t have a chance to…
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Lollipop Christmas Yard Stakes DIY

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Lollipop Christmas Yard Stakes DIY Supplies Needed: Foam Discs, Ribbon, Dowels, Hot Glue, Scissors, and Mylar Rolls NOTE: We had some metal rods at home that my husband cut and placed in the ground, they are hallow to allow for…
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